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Hey, buddy! I've got a favor to ask you, if you don't mind! ...This is really embarrassing to say, but I'm still afraid to go to Naberius alone. It's because of how my first battle went... but, I think I could do it if you were there to check on me! Just this once! Please, buddy!

相棒! 一つ頼みがある!よければ聞いてくれないか!……恥ずかしい話なんだけどよ、一人でナベリウスに行くのが、まだ怖いんだよ。初陣であんなんだったからだろうなぁ……でも、お前が確認してくれれば行けるようになると思うんだ!今回だけ人助けだと思って、頼むよ相棒!
Client Affine Location Gate area
Order type Quest clear Cooldown period Cannot be repeated.

Objective and rewards

Objective Rewards Unlock requirement
Clear Phongalph Suppression 50 EXP
Affine's partner card
Clear Zawoodan Suppression.


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