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Rare Rappies /

I'm Girard. As a civilian biologist, I study the ecosystems of each planet we visit, but unlike the Arks research division, my limited budget impairs my work. As such, I can't offer much of a reward, but I'd love for you to assist me in developing my research. My current research subject is the rare Rappy. Numerous sightings have been reported, but so much of its life remains wrapped in mystery.

Client Girard Location Shop area, west
Order type Enemy defeat Cooldown period 168 hours

Objective and rewards

Objective Rewards Unlock requirement
Defeat Rappy x20 (Lv.21+) 1,000
10,000 EXP
Rappy Mini Doll x1
Clear Difficulty Unlock I.


  • All seasonal Rappies count toward this client order.