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Where Darkness Gathers Part 2

Field updates

New enemies

  • The following new enemies have been added:
    • Falz Arm
    • Dark Falz Elder

New quests

  • The following new emergency quests have been added:
    • Inbound Dark Arms
    • Titan, Usher of the Profound Darkness
  • You must clear Inbound Dark Arms before you can accept Titan, Usher of the Profound Darkness.

New items

System updates

New shop

  • One new shop has been added:
    • Pyroxene Shop

Balance adjustments

Parallel area appearance rate increased

  • The appearance rate of parallel areas has been increased for all Arks quests and emergency quests (excluding Merry Christmas On Ice).
  • Parallel areas only appear in single party areas of quests (excluding boss warp areas).
  • The appearance rate in Merry Christmas On Ice was already increased during the special maintenance on December 7, 2012.