Equipment Quests Enemies Gameplay

Where Darkness Gathers Part 4

Field updates

New field

  • Darkers' nest has been added.

New enemies

  • The following new enemies have been added:
    • Predikahda
    • Dikahda

New quest

  • The following new emergency quest has been added:
    • To the Depths

New interrupt event

  • One new interrupt event has been added.

New items

  • The following new items have been added:
    • Elder Pain (sword)
    • Brute Gift (wired lance)
    • Lambda Eyvind (knuckles)
    • Illegal Bomber (launcher)
    • Acidase (twin machinegun)
    • Radiegle (twin machinegun)
    • Grim Grin (wand)
    • Rear / Elder Aloa (rear unit)
    • Rear / Nega Photon (rear unit)
    • Rear / Zangris (rear unit)
    • Arm / Elder Brazo (arm unit)
    • Arm / Zan Fellow (arm unit)
    • Leg / Elder Piedes (leg unit)
    • Leg / Zan Thruster (leg unit)

System updates

Abduction & cloning

  • A new "abduction & cloning" system has been added.

Room Shop

  • The Room Shop inventory has been updated with new items.