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Valorous Vanguard Part 1

Event lobby

Valentine lobby

  • The shopping district has been decorated for Valentine's Day. Decorations will remain in place until maintenance begins on February 20, 2013.

Class and weapon updates

Class level

  • The character class level has been increased to Lv.55.

Field updates

New quest

Limited-time emergency quest

  • The following new limited-time emergency quest has been added:
  • This quest will occur at random intervals until maintenance begins on February 20, 2013.
  • While this quest is available, the regular emergency quest Volcanic Guerillas will not occur.

Limited-time client orders

  • A new set of limited-time client orders can be accepted from Xie, an NPC located in the Arks Lobby.
  • These client orders will be available until maintenance begins on February 20, 2013.

New client orders

  • New client orders have been added.

New items

Fashion updates

FUN Scratch

  • The following new hairstyles, accessories and room decorations have been added to the FUN Scratch:
    • Naura Sister 3 Hairstyle (female hairstyle)
    • Volcano Helmet (male and female hairstyle)
    • White Maid Cap (accessory)
    • Pink Maid Cap (accessory)
    • Blue Maid Cap (accessory)
    • Red Bonnet (accessory)
    • White Bonnet (accessory)
    • Purple Bonnet (accessory)
    • Blitz Guarder Blue (accessory)
    • Blitz Guarder White (accessory)
    • Prim Headphones Red (accessory)
    • Prim Headphones Orange (accessory)
    • Lobby Action 17 (lobby action)
    • Fountain (room decoration)
    • Ladian Pillar (room decoration)
    • Pink Light (room decoration)
    • Sweet Bed (room decoration)
    • Sweet Shelf (room decoration)
    • Sweet Low Table (room decoration)
    • Sweet Sofa (room decoration)
    • Sweet Rug (room decoration)
    • Valentine (PSO) (jukebox disc)
    • Feel the Magic (jukebox disc)
    • The Rub Rabbits (jukebox disc)
    • Mysterious Destiny (jukebox disc)
    • Let's Dance Boys! (jukebox disc)
    • Sweets Theme (remodeling ticket)

Sweet Honey Valentine

  • "Sweet Honey Valentine," a new AC Scratch has been added. It will be available until maintenance begins on March 6, 2013.
  • The following new costumes, parts and accessories can be obtained from the new AC Scratch:
    • Pastry Shop Apron (female costume, all races)
    • Blue P. Shop Apron (female costume, all races)
    • Pink P. Shop Apron (female costume, all races)
    • Black P. Shop Apron (female costume, all races)
    • Yellow P. Shop Apron (female costume, all races)
    • Green P. Shop Apron (female costume, all races)
    • Pink Rappy Suit (male and female costume, all races)
    • Cratere Fador (female costume)
    • Volcano Packer (male costume)
    • Hilbert Body (female parts)
    • Hilbert Arms (female parts)
    • Hilbert Legs (female parts)
    • Goboyd Body (male parts)
    • Goboyd Arms (male parts)
    • Goboyd Legs (male parts)
    • Celenia Coat (female costume)
    • Celenia Coat Black (female costume)
    • Celenia Coat Plum (female costume)
    • Little Prim Red (female costume)
    • Little Prim Orange (female costume)
    • Blitz Ace Blue (male costume)
    • Blitz Ace White (male costume)
    • Gris Body CV (female parts)
    • Gris Arms CV (female parts)
    • Gris Legs CV (female parts)
    • Philph Body CV (male parts)
    • Philph Arms CV (male parts)
    • Philph Legs CV (male parts)
    • Naura Sister 1 Hairstyle (female hairstyle)
    • Naura Sister 2 Hairstyle (female hairstyle)
    • Cratere Veil (accessory)
    • Hilbert Head (female head parts)
    • Goboyd Head (male head parts)
    • Gris Head CV (female head parts)
    • Philph Head CV (male head parts)
    • Pink Ribbon (accessory)
    • Pink Side Ribbon (accessory)
    • Frilly Headdress (accessory)
    • Gothic Headdress (accessory)
    • Pastry Shop Cap A (accessory)
    • Pastry Shop Cap B (accessory)
    • Pastry Shop Cap C (accessory)
    • Black Tail (accessory)
    • Brown Tail (accessory)
    • Female Voice 25 (voice)
    • Female Voice 37 (voice)
    • Male Voice 23 (voice)
    • Female C Voice 25 (voice)
    • Female C Voice 37 (voice)
    • Male C Voice 23 (voice)
    • Lobby Action 24 (lobby action)
    • Evo Device / Katze (evolution device)

System updates

Premium Set

  • The symbol art save limit has been increased from 10 to 40.

Balance adjustments

Over End adjustments

  • The power and speed of the photon art Over End have been boosted.

Weapon requirement adjustments

Daily order adjustments

  • Daily order rewards have been greatly increased.

Team order adjustments

  • Team order conditions have been slightly relaxed.