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Valorous Vanguard Part 3

Field updates

New quest

New client order

System updates

Item name changes

  • The names of numerous items have been changed to make them easier to read and input.
  • The Greek letters in unit and other item names have been changed as follows:
    • α ⇒ a
    • β ⇒ b
    • γ ⇒ c
    • δ ⇒ d
    • ε ⇒ e
  • Numerous costume names were changed to simplify the kanji used to identify color schemes. Additionally, some names which included ambiguous English characters were changed to Japanese for clarity.
  • Numerous accessory names were changed to simplify the kanji used to identify color schemes.
  • Numerous order item names were changed to replace kanji with hiragana, making them easier to read.
  • Some order item names were changed to clarify and help differentiate them from other items.

Matterboard changes

  • It is now possible to investigate several matters at the same time on a single matterboard.
  • When you select any matter from those under investigation, a guide now displays giving you details on the requirements for completing that particular matter.
  • Overall matter design has been changed, and event matters are now more distinct.

Party search function expansion

  • When you select "Search for parties in other blocks" at the quest counter, an option has been added to immediately join listed parties after changing blocks.

Party creation

  • Options for "laid-back" and "hardcore" play styles have been added to the party creation process.

Story quest changes

  • An exclamation mark is now displayed in the quest selection list when a diverging path opens in a story quest.

Escape quest changes

  • Drop items have been added for Falz Hunar when it appears in the escape quest.

Graphical changes

  • The background of the first floating continent area has been changed to make the surface of Amduscia visible.

Makeup pattern changes

  • It is now possible to select the same makeup patterns for both "Makeup pattern 1" and "Makeup pattern 2". When makeup patterns are duplicated in this manner, they will appear in a slightly darker shade on your character.

Premium Set

  • "Premium space" has been added to all normal blocks. This makes it possible for Premium Set users to join normal blocks even if they are otherwise completely full.
  • After using a makeover pass, Premium Set users are given a 60 minute window to change their appearance at the makeover shop.

Keyboard options

  • The input speed of evasion actions performed by pressing a movement key on the keyboard twice can now be set as long, medium or short, or disabled entirely.

Arks Card changes

  • The overall Arks Card design has been changed.
  • You can now edit your Arks Card from the main menu. With this change, the option to edit your card from the vision phone has been removed.

Player shop changes

  • A keyword search function has been added to the player shop item search. Now you can enter partial item names to display a list of items which contain your search criteria.
  • A message now displays if an item you selected is sold while you transition from the search results window to the shop window.
  • When you select the "Display from storage" option in your shop management menu, the last storage listing you selected will be remembered.


  • An option to blacklist players from the search results of the vision phone's Arks search has been added.

Symbol art changes

  • Your symbol art deletion history is now saved upon logging out or terminating the game client.

Initial ship select

  • Options for first-time players have been added to the ship select screen when you start the game for the first time.

Server-wide message changes

  • Emergency quest messages have been changed to better indicate the area where the quest will occur.
  • Announcements have been changed so that they will not display if you are in an event.

Character overhead display changes

  • The "PSN online ID / Player ID name" option has been added to the "Change character overhead display" option in the quick menu.

Log window changes

  • The log window now displays the level of a photon art and technique discs picked up during quests.
  • Rare item notification to the party has been changed so that rare items appear in yellow text and special weapons appear in light blue text.

Target information changes

  • Targeted weapons and units in quests now display the number of abilities they have in the target information field in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Ticket changes

  • Ticket items, such as accessories, which you have already used now display in faded text.

New blocks added

  • New shared blocks, named "PC & PS Vita Shared Blocks," have been added.
  • Certain characteristics of these blocks differ from all other blocks.
    • The maximum number of on-screen enemies is smaller.
    • Certain areas are smaller.
    • A maximum of two emergency trials can occur at the same time.
    • The PSE burst's time limit is 30 seconds longer.

Balance adjustments

Hunter adjustments

  • The following adjustments have been made to the Hunter class:
    • The amount of PP recovered by normal attacks for swords, wired lances and partisans has been increased.
    • The effective timing for just attacks with swords and wired lances has been slightly sped up.
    • The gear gauge accumulation rate by normal attacks for swords and wired lances has been increased.
    • The wired lance photon art Cerberus Dance has been changed to allow you to cancel mid-attack by guarding.

Unit requirements

  • The requirements of some 2-3★ units have been lowered.

Matterboard adjustments

  • The following adjustments have been made to the listed matterboards:
    • The target level of Galph and Phongalph for matters E-1 and A-5 respectively has been changed to Lv.5+ on the matterboard To Welcome This Day.
    • Matter C-7 on the matterboard Shattered History can now be investigated whether or not you have cleared all of Zeno's client orders.

Client order adjustments

Story quest adjustments

  • The grading scale for the result ranking of Beginning of the End has been relaxed, making it easier to achieve a high rank.

Enemy adjustments

  • HP has been lowered for enemies that are Lv.20 and below.

Boss adjustments

  • The behavior of normal difficulty Caterdra'n and Snow Banther has been adjusted along with Vol Dragon's parameters, making them less difficult to fight.
  • Wolgahda's behavior has been adjusted on all difficulties, making it easier to fight.

Emergency trial adjustments

  • Rewards for the rare pattern of "Dark Falz Elder Suppression" have been increased.

Medical drink adjustments

  • The "premium effect" occurrence rate for medical drinks consumed during a valid Premium Set period has been increased.

Maintenance details

  • A bug which made it difficult for rapid button input to register when the frame rate was set to max has been fixed.
  • A bug which decreased the hit count of the twin machinegun photon arts Bullet Score and Reverse Tap has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused just attack damage to not apply to Sazonde has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused a quest's enemy defeat rate to not increase has been fixed. This was related to the EXP penalty which goes into effect when a player is a particular number of levels below an enemy. If the gap in levels was large enough, no EXP would be earned when an enemy was defeated, and in return would not reflect in the defeat rate upon clearing a quest.
  • A bug which caused photon blasts to not damage Big Verdha has been fixed.
  • A bug which made it impossible to destroy floating mines and seize traps which had been discovered using the skill Trap Search has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused the infection seed on boosted enemies to not appear has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused no damage or blow away effect when a Baize exploded has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused items to not drop from other players defeating enemies or opening boxes while you were viewing an event field has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused female casts who used the male versions of the lobby actions "Pose 1," "Pose 2" and "Dance 1" to float slightly has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused an empty announcement to appear when changing blocks after clearing the emergency quest Profound Darkness: Elder has been fixed.
  • A bug which made it possible to move inside the Arks counter under certain circumstances has been fixed.
  • A bug which made it possible to accept the emergency quest Approaching Dark Arms under certain circumstances despite the acceptance time expiring has been fixed.
  • The text stating the drop source for an item in Echo's client order Something For Your Mag has been corrected. Before, it stated "Lv.30+ machines" when it should have stated "Lv.30+ Guardinanes."
  • A bug which caused the necktie of the costume Heartbreaker to float on characters with large busts has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused two symbol arts from player shop search results to register has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused certain weapon grinding titles to not display at the titles counter has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused the visual effect of Rear / Rivulflay to enlarge during certain character poses has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused the BGM to not change during battle has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused the normal lobby BGM to play in seasonal lobbies during emergency quests has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused the radar and area maps to not display correctly under certain conditions has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused Big Verdha and Tranmizer to not be indicated on the radar map has been fixed.
  • A bug which caused Arks Clones to not be indicated on the radar map has been fixed.
  • A warning message will now display upon attempting to save symbol art that was created using illegal methods. Any symbol arts which contain illegal data will be deleted automatically.
  • To help reduce loads when searching for items in player shops, all items for sale in shops which are 60 days or more past either the shop's expiration date or the owner's last login, whichever is greater, will be moved to the shop owner's storage.
  • Rewards have been issued via storage to all eligible players who participated in the "Emergency Quest Advance Notice 2013 #4" campaign.
  • Rewards have been issued via storage to all eligible players who participated in the "Change Your Password, Get Items" campaign.
  • Various cheat tool counter-measures have been enacted.
  • A bug which caused an event which could not be watched to appear in certain event fields from the first four matterboards has been fixed.

Design changes

  • The twin machinegun photon art Messiah Time was changed so that its attacks will no longer pierce fences.
  • If you still have a client order tied to a limited-time event in-progress after the event has ended, items related to that client order will no longer drop.
  • The success conditions of Oja, Lisa and Marlu's class change client orders were changed so that you simply have to approach and speak to the NPC instead of speaking to, then selecting the "Speak" option.
  • The Arks quest Polluter Destruction was changed so that an event field will not appear in area 3.
  • Shop area and quest counter introduction scenes were added to the event that follows clearing the story quest Waiting for This Day.
  • Unit cost and total cost are now displayed in the confirmation window when adding new items to your shop.
  • Block names have been changed across all ships.
  • Login menu credit has been updated.
  • Potentials have been added to numerous existing weapons.

Confirmed bugs

  • Under certain conditions, the matterboard window will automatically open when you approach Shion's location. This is only a visual bug, and does not affect the progression of the game.
  • When displaying multiples of the same item in your shop, the confirmation window displays only the unit cost of each item instead of the total for the entire stack.