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Code: Episode 2 Part 1

Class and weapon updates

New class

  • The following new class has been added:
    • Braver

New class skills

  • New skills have been added to all skill trees.
  • Due to these additions, a All Skill Trees Reset Pass has been issued to all players.
  • Please note that when you use this item, it will reset all of your skill trees. You will not be given the option to reset a particular one.

New weapon categories

New photon arts

  • New photon arts have been added for all weapon categories.

New techniques

  • New techniques have been added for all elemental attributes.


  • The following new photon blasts have been added:
    • Ilios Proi
    • Ilios Imera
    • Ilios Nykta

Field updates

New planet

  • The following new planet has been added:
    • Vopar

New field

  • The following new field has been added:
    • Coast

New enemies

New quests

New interrupt events

  • New interrupt events have been added.

New client orders

  • New client orders have been added.

New daily orders

  • New daily orders have been added.

New team orders

  • New team orders have been added.

New partner cards

  • You can now obtain partner cards from the following characters:
    • Patty
    • Tea
    • Azanami

New items

  • The following new items have been added:
    • Researching...

System updates

New race

  • Researching...


  • Researching...

Support partners

  • Researching...

Free partners

  • Researching...

Arks Road

  • Researching...

Auto-equip function

  • Researching...

Extreme quests

  • Researching...

Vision phone

  • Researching...


  • Researching...


  • Researching...

NetCafé Counter

  • Researching...

AC Shop

  • Researching...

Miscellaneous changes

  • Researching...

Balance adjustments

EXP adjustments

  • Researching...

Class adjustments

  • Researching...

Quest adjustments

  • Researching...

Enemy adjustments

  • Researching...

Client order adjustments

  • Researching...

Miscellaneous adjustments

  • Researching...